Evil Mr. Pork Chop

This is Black Pig. This is why the title is Evil Mr. Pork Chop. Black is evil, white is good. Pig is pork.

This is ze bar. We ate outside and the people next to us were talking in some language.

This is the inside of the restaurant. Kinda dark but not as dark as outside where we sat.IMG_2175.JPG

This is Mommy’s Holgate beer.

This is my mocktail. Fake cocktail. It was flavored pomegranate. I liked it and I didn’t get drunk.

This is the charcuterie board. I don’t know what charcuterie means. My favorite is the Iberico ham.

This is my order. Pan-fried chicken breast.

This was the order of Daddy and Ate Gabby. Pork Belly.

This is Mommy’s. Confit and seared tuna. What does confit mean? How does seafood taste good in a pig place?

Good but not so bad is that it was exams. Good is that we won the basketball game. Not so good is that I didn’t know the bar is an I spy place and I didn’t look for a bunch of pigs. What is not so good right now is that I am making my post and my armpit is itching. So I’m going to take a bath. Goodbye.


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