VIP night

My pictures for this post are ugly. So I’m not going to talk about them and I’ll just tell you what happened that day.

This is Spectrum. We had a dinner with some basketball players from DLSU.

The food is good so just go there. Since it is a buffet there is no winning food. If you are getting dessert, get the mango granola. It is better than the taho.

Later on in the night, my cousin, my cousin’s sister / cousin and my sister made cartoon pictures of the basketball players. I just kept on eating.

Not so good to take pictures of a buffet cause all these photo bombers keep getting food and photo bombing my pictures.


Noone was blocking the ice cream cause everyone was just eating real food.


More dessert. Still no photo bombers. The one in the cocktail glass on the second shelf is the mango granola. That’s the one that I want you to try.


These are the many salads that they have. I have a joke. Why should you knock before you open the fridge? Because there might be a salad dressing. Ha ha ha ha. Did you get it?


Everything good was the food. Not so good was there was no honey comb.


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