The Fried Rice Restaurant

Last August 24 we ate in Yang Chow Restaurant in Quezon City. It is so far. Finally.

This is Yang Chow fried rice. You can tell now why this post is called the fried rice restaurant. I think this is my favorite rice.


This is shrimp dumpling. It is my Lolo Jun’s favorite. He always orders it in any chinese restaurant. It is so good.


This is shrimps. I did not try it cause I was lazy to remove the shell and it also looks a bit weird.


This is asparagus in garlic. I like the white asparagus better.  The one from the beach in France. Maybe some time I can post about my cooking lessons in France.


This is like dimsum peking duck. Except it is pork not duck.


Chicken feet. I didn’t taste this either. Looks weird.


Everything good was the rice and the dim sum. Not so good was the chicken feet. Not so good was that it was so sunny and hot outside. Also good is Tito Chito was with us and he wasn’t wearing waiter pants.


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