Special Guest for Dinner

We went to Izakaya Kikufuji in Little Tokyo in Makati City. So you probably know why there is “special guest” in the title. Well Ate Gabby’s friend who lived in Africa and Texas for a while was with us. Her name is Moira. She is the one between me and Ate Gabby. We are doing a double chin picture while someone aka Daddy photobombed us.

This is the soft bone fried chicken appetizer or meal. I don’t remember. You need to squeeze calamansi on top.

This is my order of spicy tuna sushi. So you probably know spicy tuna salad but here it is sushi.

Mommy’s order. This is the pregnant fish. Inside it is full of eggs. You can eat the whole thing. What is sad is that you eat the babies. It is so sad! But it is also yummy. I’m confused. I just learned what abortion is. That is so so so sad. This is now so so so sad.

Shrimp tempura! In some tempura dishes in Japanese restaurants there has to be an eggplant tempura. This was heaven. The shrimp not the eggplant.

Sukiyaki. This is daddy ‘s order. Look at the picture it has meat, veggies and tofu! I want to tell you about the waitress but it might come out as cyber bullying.


This is Moira’s order. California maki.

Mushrooms wrapped in bacon. Didn’t try this cause I was full.

Asparagus wrapped in bacon. Didn’t try this also.

Everything good is that my order was the best order. Everything good is that it is not in BF again. Not so good is nothing.


2 thoughts on “Special Guest for Dinner

  1. Kikufuji is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Manila, I’m happy to read about it in your fun blog Luis, yay! I also love the adjacent convenience store because they sell my favorite Nissin Seafood ramen P30 cheaper than in most supermarkets yay again! Speaking of ramen, for your next non BF food trip, I suggests you guys go to Megamall and try Ippudo Ramen, oishi! Tim Ho Wan is also hăochī! (delicious in Chinese, I googled it)


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