What They Like and Don’t Like

So I had some visitors from the USA on my blog. More than the Philippines. We checked they are from Fort Logan Northgate school. This is very, very far from BF. It took me 14 hours to fly to the United States. Cause it took us 2 hours to go to Hong Kong then 12 hours from Hong Kong to San Francisco. So this school is in Colorado. I’ve never been there so I don’t know how many hours away it is. I don’t want to do the math.

I don’t remember if it is in Denver or Denver is in Colorado. I only know Denver and Colorado because of South Park that I’m not allowed to watch. But one episode was called world takedown federation or WTF where they went to a WWE game in Denver.

I like how their teacher is teaching them to blog. Most people just use the internet for socializing. Here is their blog project.

Their teacher Jay asked them to review my blog and other kids blogs.

Deja Jream likes my design but not what I blog about.

Nayeli likes my background like a real food place chalkboard. She does not like only a few sentences to explain the food.

Amy loves that my blog is about food. She doesn’t like the chalkboard and wants food or fruit.

Calvin likes my blog because it is about food. He dislikes the details of the food and thinks there should be more.

Kailey likes that I explain the food I took a picture of and dislikes the green background.

Daniela likes my format but dislikes big pictures.

I like that they are like me and wrote everything good and not so good. Everything good is other kids reading my blog. I chose the chalkboard because I like school and some restaurants use chalkboards for writing menus like  Holy Crab, Mary Grace and Shine restaurant. Next time I will try to explain more because sometimes the food might be weird to others. Not so good is that I am still sick.


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