Cookie Lesson with a famous Chef

Last August 21 it was a holiday and famous Chef Peachy held baking classes for kids.

This is my class. Thank you mommy for helping me get a picture from the internet. Can you find me?

I made these.

This is a brighter picture of what I made.

This is my naked gingerbread man. He has a penis.

This is a naked lady gingerbread. But she has a bikini so she is not naked.

This is my graduation diploma.

Everything good is that I learned to make cookies and that they taste good. Not so good is that my newest Nike shoes got spilled with mojo dip from Shakey’s by another student’s mom or tita. It is good is that she said sorry and she gave me a 50 peso bill for her apology. I’m lying. Lol


One thought on “Cookie Lesson with a famous Chef

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