Where good friends Dine

hisThis is in ATC. It is in Muntinlupa. Also in the South. The name of the restaurant is Abe. Where good friends dine.


In our house white rice is banned. Only our yayas can eat white rice. We eat red rice. Before we ate brown rice but now we eat rice. In Abe, Ate Gabby and I heard that white rice was unlimited. All you can eat rice. Time for DYK. Did you know that every Filipino wastes about 2 tablespoons of rice a meal?


Ate Gabby ordered a blue hawaiian drink. Someone told me it is alcoholic but it is a mocktail so I tasted it. It was good.


I ordered strawberry and banana shake. Ate Gabby won the drink contest cause her blue hawaiian tasted better.


This is morcon which is a kind of meat roll. This is like Filipino meat loaf. Fileatloaf. I had more than anyone else because it was good and I had to choose the best from the blue hawaiian drink or this.


This is prawns with the fat of tiny crab. I liked it. It kind of looks like the morcon but instead of a circle you have the croissant shape of the shrimp.


This is Nanay’s puchero. I have no comment.


Time for dessert. This is leche flan. It is kinda like a soft cake. It is really small and it has a honey colored caramelized sauce. Please be advised that this dessert gets an A minus.


Turon. It is like dessert spring roll. I didn’t eat it.


Everything good is white rice unlimited. I miss white rice so much. Who wants to spend their time eating rice that is colored red? Especially if your food is beef steak with onions and the brown sauce. It should be with white rice even if it has or doesn’t have potatoes. Not so good is that Mommy and Daddy forgot to order my sisig. If you don’t know what sisig is, just Google.


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