Draft Dead

I like this bar Draft because they did not kick me out like Long Bar in Raffles hotel. Look at all of those beers. Look at all of these alcoholic drinks. There is soda also. And there are some fruits.


We had lunch here with Tica while Ate Gabby had her turn baking with the famous pastry chef, Chef Peachy. I already posted about my baking lessons with her.

Even if they have plenty of alcohol, my drink came from the fruits because I had lemonade. Mommy had lime juice or something.


This is croquettes made of ham, chicken and cheddar. I liked it. It was like a ball with something inside. Like a teriyaki ball with cheddar instead of teriyaki sauce.


Sweet chili chicken wings. You probably know these. They are like buffalo wings with sweeter sauce. I liked this one too.


I ordered the Bleu cheeseburger. It is US angus burger with blue cheese, onion jam, truffle aioli and fries. Blue cheese is stinky but eating it is good. I want to try Stilton cheese because it reminds me of Geronimo Stilton. I love cheeses. All kinds. Except cheese powder in your fries and chips. But yeah, I like edam, cream cheese, cheddar, swiss cheese, etc. Aioli is like mayonnaise made with oil and garlic. Truffle is from a mushroom and it is really expensive like thousands of dollars. So expensive. My sandwich only had truffle oil mayonnaise. I liked the sandwich cause I finished everything!


Daddy ordered beef pot roast. It has cauliflowers and fries. The beef looks like bacon strippy thingys or thingies. It wasn’t the winner of the day. The winner was my blue cheese burger.


Mommy and Tica shared the Pappardelle. It is flat, fat pasta with meat sauce. Also not the winner.


My dessert was blueberry cheesecake which took me forever to eat because I was full from the burger.


Everything good was they did not kick me out and there were other kids. My order was also the winner of the best-tasting contest. All the food was so good especially my burger you can describe it as draft dead delicious. Pun intended. Not so good is that I didn’t get to try any alcoholic drink.


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