Goodbye to Manila’s best peking duck for about 6 years

This is Mandarin Oriental. It was a very good hotel for so many years. Now it will be closed for about 6 years. They used to have the best Peking Duck in Manila in Tin Hau. I will not forget Tin Hau because it is in this restaurant that I first learned about Minecraft from my cousin Santi. It was Easter Sunday.

Tin Hau closed first so we had to eat in the last restaurant open. Their coffee shop Paseo Uno that served the best of the best before the hotel closed. When you see this glass you know that it is Paseo Uno at the Mandarin.


This is the entrance of the restaurant.


These are the ladies at the reception who bring you to your seats.


This is the seafood area. Look at the fish. It looks bloody. That is the tuna for sashimi. They also had crabs, mussels and shrimps.


This is where you get shrimp tempura / ebi tempura. They make it really good cause I had a lot.


These are the desserts. My favorite was the one in the shot glass. It was made of berries.


These are the other desserts and where they make crepe.


This is me in front of the Mandarin Oriental sign. When we were small we used to call it the fan hotel. Can you see why?


Everything good is the food because it was the best of the best buffet. Also good was Tito Nino sticking a chopstick and a coin inside my brain. Magic show! Not so good was that outside the window near our table there were people smooching. Yuck! Not so good is that the hotel is closing because it is old and they will take six years to build a new hotel. Not so good is that we have to find a new place for Peking duck. Goodbye Mandarin. Until we meet again.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I love MilK Tea is closed.


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