Cooking without lessons

We went with Ate Gabby and her friend Carmen to Bazooka Rock 2014 which is where bands come together for 2 days to rock out. So we had dinner in Tajimaya in SM MOA. It looks like a shabu-shabu restaurant except you grill. You cook your own food. I ate more than Mommy and Daddy.


The food comes with iced tea.


These are kimchi and bean sprouts. These are appetizers but you can eat it with your meat if you want. I don’t really like kimchi alone.


This salad is one of the best to try even if it looks plain. The dressing makes it really good. It is also good if you eat it with meat.


This is when Daddy was cooking the meat. I bet this makes you hungry already. I also bet you can’t find the restaurant easily.


The meat and vegetables are good with rice. You can make your own sauce for the meat but I also like to put sauce in my rice cause it becomes seasoned rice.

Everything good is 99% of the food. The 1% is because we had to wait a very long time for Ate Gabby and Carmen to come out of Bazooka Rock. Also good is that there was a Toy Fair beside Bazooka Rock and I got a limited edition Lego Minecraft. It is really rare. I already finished building it. Not so good is we bought a slushie maker that doesn’t really make good slushies.


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