The Kid is Back

Hi everyone!

I stopped because I’m now deciding if the restaurant is good enough to post or not. I also have favorites and I don’t want to repeat

This restaurant is good for me to start posting again. Now this restaurant is not in NCR. It’s in Bacolod in Western Visayas or Region VI. It is called Grill Guru but I think it should be Grill Heaven and open a branch here in B.

Here are the food we ate that are best sellers.

Chips and Dip

Okay so this is the location and some are the food but I forgot some names so I’m gonna put the ones I don’t memorize and put the ones I know after okay.

I wanted to swim but they said no.


Grill Guru pasta with herbs and cream

Mongolian BBQ




Now the one I know are the chicken teriyaki and the cake. And there are people living in the house and the kids are cute but I got 2/3 kids in the picture.



So how do I pick which restaurant gets to be chosen? Well, I look at ten restaurants and I decide which one I should eat in. Thanks and it’s great to blog again.

Also my Tita owns the restaurant but it is really good even if she is not my real Tita.


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