Japanese KitKat challenge !

This is like bean boozled from jelly belly but I made it up. The rules are simple. You’re blind folded and you must try 12 Japanese KitKat and guess the flavor. There are over 200 KitKat flavor in Japan so good luck trying good ones. Now here are the flavors we tried but we didn’t play the game. Our flavors were green tea, apple pie, cheese cake (you can bake this one), hot chili pepper, sweet potato or taro and rum raisin. Here is the cheese cake:



Now it’s really cheesy but you can bake it and it’s like creme brûlée with a little strawberry and cheese.



Apple pie is shape like a bunny and I don’t know why but the flavor is just apple. And we did an experiment. We baked it and I don’t like it but my sister did.



The rum raisin just taste like raisin with a pinch of rum. This is like the perfect thing to bring to a party. They’re gonna be like wow ! Alcoholic KitKat, let’s get drunk.



Taro is sweet potato. You’re gonna think what the heck. But it’s actually good, it tastes like ube for a Halo Halo which is a dessert from my country. Now this KitKat is good for ice cream.



You think it’s dark chocolate. No, it’s like an after taste goodness but before you eat it here’s something you should know. It’s spicy.

Now the green tea is found in airports and it looks like booger. No offense Japan. The KitKat like durian the smell is bad but the taste is better but the taste is bad. Now I tried this flavor before any one else in my family – strawberry. My tutor brought it and she gave me and it’s good.

Here are flavors I want to try next.

1 tea

2 blueberry cheese cake or just cake

3 citrus

4 wasabi

5 baked pudding and also taste like creme brûlée.


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