Top 10 Games for Kids that Adults should play

So sorry for the delay in the weekend. Now, here are games for kids that adults should play. Some games don’t give it those who are in the hospital.

#10 – Framed. This game involve puzzles to escape cops because you’re framed. You play as a team of a girl and a boy and switch between them so you can escape.

#9 -Clash of Clans. This game involves fighting other people for loot and it’s fun because you’re like the king and you control your armies and the kingdom.

#8 – Board Games. Board games are designed to bring the family together especially for team playing. Games such as trivial pursuit, monopoly, battle ship, connect 4 and game of life are popular.

#7 – I am bread. Now it’s so strange and hard because you’re bread and you need to find a toaster and toast yourself.

#6 – Mario Kart 8. It’s so fun ( you need a Nintendo wii )!! Some adults know how to play it and now there are more characters and new areas to play in.

#5 – Five Nights. Yep, Five Nights at Freddy’s is a game were there are jump scares. There are also fan made games. Even the cuteness now becomes creepy.

#4 – Infamous, the second son. Of course, a favorite game for grade five and above. You play as an adult or a teen then you get magical powers then you turn into a conduit/bio terrorist and the goal is ….. I don’t know you get this lady’s power and defeat her. Yeah just play it!

#3 – Little big planet 1-2-3. You play as a sack thing and save the world. There are side quests and it’s always fun. Please adults get out of your couch and buy a PS4 and get the game then play it !

#2 – MINE CRAFT. Of course! Who doesn’t know it? Even though it’s for kids a lot of adults play it. There is a lot of fighting, building and mini games.

#1 – Enviro bear 2000. It’s not that popular but it’s fun. Basically, it’s winter and you’re a bear who’s driving a car to get food. And other bears are also getting food. I don’t know where to get enviro bear and some games I don’t even know where to find them so check the internet.


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