Another late post. This is Kessaku, a Japanese restaurant in Commerce Center in Alabang. Where Black Pig is.

So they give you mini yummy shrimp or crab appetizers but you only have it once. One each!


From my other Japanese restaurant posts you can probably tell what this is. If you don’t read my blog or eat in Japanese restaurants it is miso soup.


I think this is a pomegranate mocktail? I really don’t know because it is not on the online menu.


Salmon sushi balls are really good! You need to try this. I’m not sure if it is just 3 balls or if it is 4 and 1 is just hidden behind the salad thingy.


Tamago is the favorite of me and Ate Gabby. We always order this if we can. We usually have an order each but we shared this one.


Mommy and Ate Gabby shared the chirashi moriawase. It is just different kinds of sashimi in one plate of sushi rice.


This is unagi foie gras sushi. Unagi means eel and foie gras is this weird goose liver thing. This is expensive so we had half a bite each only.


I don’t remember what this is. Can someone who has eaten in Kessaku figure it out?


My order was a pork tonkatsu bento box. It is a complete meal.


Daddy ordered gyudon.


Question mark. I don’t know what this is.


These next two are fried ice cream tempura. It is cold and soft inside and hot and crunchy on the outside. Perfect for any season.


This was very delicious vanilla creme brûlée. However, ice cream tempura for the win!!!


And this is my Dad who is always so busy with the most important thing in his life.


Everything good is everything in the pictures except the last one which is not so good. LOL!


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