I Drank from a Fishbowl

We walked to this restaurant. It has no aircon, it is outside but it has really nice food. Steak Yard grill house in BF.

Even the grill is outside and not in the kitchen. This is where they grill their T-bone steak.

Their drinks are two sizes. Mason jar.

And fishbowl.

The T-bone steak is their bestseller. Even the vegetables are yummy. It has tons of gravy. It is kinda weird because it is not an expensive place but the steak is really good.

My dad was hungry and also ordered from the restaurant next to it.

The barbecue was good but I have to warn you some of the stuff in our country might gross you out. Intestines. Ears, I think. I don’t remember.

Everything good was the T-bone steak!!!!!!!! Exclamation point infinity. The regular normal pork barbecue was also good. Not so good is the intestines and I almost puked after drinking the whole fishbowl.


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