It’s not Mulan

It’s Milan.

This was our first day in Italy, the day we learned that Italians eat pizzas with forks and knives. And for them they have one whole pizza instead of one slice! I’ve been eating pizza wrong my whole life.

First when we landed we had to run to the Last Supper because our flight was delayed. But we made it. Next we walked around and had a tour of Milan. We saw the Duomo, the biggest church I’ve ever seen. So after all that walking we decided to go to a gelato place. Ate Gabby wanted to go to Grom for gelato but Veronica our tour guide said it is now a gelato chain meaning it has many branches. It also had a long line of tourists. 

Veronica took us to another place instead. Her favorite place. A place for local people. Gelateria La Voglia. For 20 years they make the gelato in the top floor. In case you don’t know, gelato is Italian ice cream. For my first order of real Italian gelato I had fragola or strawberry and vanilla. 

I don’t have a picture of La Voglia. We were too excited to eat gelato. Yes we were. So here we are outside the store on the street of flags. I don’t remember the name. Can you identify the flags? Can you find the flag of Germany? What about Mexico? My mom says the street is Via Dante. All our ice creams are pink and white except mom who had melon so it is light orange. Ate Gabby’s white was yogurt Inthink and Daddy’s white was limone or lemon. This was one of my top favorite gelato places.

When our tour was done we had our first pizza which I will post next time. After pizza we had gelato again because my parents allowed us two gelatos a day. So here we are at Van Bol & Feste that is a bakery with gelato. They have been making gelato since 1890! I had yogurt and Ate Gabby had milk.

Everything good is gelato, Italy with the family, going around Milan. Not so good was the walking. So tiring!


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