Celebration for 100 Blog Posts

My last post was my 100th so this will be my 1st live blog post to celebrate. Just keep refreshing the page. UPDATE: This is not live anymore because we finished eating already. It is 1:44PM.

We are now eating in Elbert’s sandwiches in Commerce Center in Alabang.



1:04 PM

The fries are here. They are regular to me but Ate Gabby, Daddyand Mommy say it is freaking good. I guess yeah cause it is not soggy like Jollibee sometimes. My crispy chicken sandwich is also here.


1:08 PM

Mommy’s American cheesesteak hoagie is next to arrive.

1:12 PM 

The burgers are all here!

Daddy ordered a plain burger with cheddar cheese. So unoriginal. Like me and gelato. 

Ate Gabby’s truffle burger. You can smell the truffle. Maybe that is why it tastes Italian.

1:20 PM

I’m done. My sandwich was extremely good!!! Mommy says her sandwich is super good and filling. Daddy likes his sandwich too. He said it is masarap. Ate Gabby says her sandwich is yummy. It really tastes like mushroom and she doesn’t normally like burgers which taste completely like mushroom but she really likes this one.

1:37 PM

Here is the menu.

Everything good is everything. Almost 100 points. Also good is eating with my family and that tomorrow is Father’s Day. Not super good but still pretty good is the fries.
This is the end of my live blog post. Over and out from Alabang.



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