Japanese Breaking Bad Part 1

Hello everybody! Today I want to show you something really famous that you need to prepare to enjoy. 

No, it’s not drugs. 

But Luis, you said it is breaking bad! 

No, it is Popin’ Cookin’!

Popin’ Cookin’ is basically this Japanese candy making thing where you mix water and powder inside a mixing tray.

I think Tito Jopet is my dad’s brother. Tito and tita are like uncles and aunts but I have many even if they are not real relatives. So confusing. So Tito Jopet and his family Tita Jing, Kuya Jarvis, Ate Cali and Rohan went to Japan and they bought us Popin’ Cookin’.

These are the things inside the box when you start mixing them.

So instead of showing you behind the scenes of how we made our sushi here is a fast forward video.

So here is MY finished product. I know it doesn’t look that great but it was my first time. The taste was yummy. No powdery taste just flavors of fruit, taffy and bubble gum. I don’t know how to explain how the fake fish eggs are formed. Kinda like chemistry.

Everything good is Tito Jopet buying this, me and Ate Gabby making it and eating it. Not so good is that my sushi doesn’t look good but it was my first time.


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