This is a show from a YouTube account called ExplosmEntertainment. They are the same people who make the Cyanide and Happiness comics. Now, don’t be confused about the YouTube account or website. They are all the same,

So in this post I’m gonna show some videos and tell you why I decided to post them. Also, if you want to watch their other videoshead to their YouTube account. Warning! Some videos involve bad words and sexual scenes. Not real kind of sexual just a little bit sexual. But all the videos end up funny, and they even have a show called . . . the Cyanide and Happiness show. It’s just shorts but they are combined together to make a 20 minute show. Check the comics cause they are fun as well. 

So here are some of there videos.

GOING DOWN – this is funny cause it has plot twists about 3 people who are about to die 

EMERGENCY – who knew little children can be smart or maybe not

If you liked the first 2 videos, the 10 I recommend to watch are:

10 princess- a fairy tale not for kids but for grow ups in the world

9 pharmacy- who said the moms have to do the work for their babies

8 that’s it- what you do to calm down children.

7 Ted bear 1 and 2 – CRAZY!!!

6-le telepathé –  what you want is what YOU get.

5-flight saftey – always listen to the flight attendants in the plane.

4 Opposite Day – don’t have this holiday.

3 confession – WOW

2 rope – the feeling when you have to choose between McDonald’s apple pie or mc flurry

1 sad ending – first one I ever watched) 


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