Now this is something different. Do you know the food in the fictional world and those food trends which you will never try? Also insane dishes by a popular chef. Well now you can with these 4 YouTube channels.

POPSUGAR: This channel teaches you exercise and other stuff, But they have their own channel in YouTube for FOOD TRENDS. DISHES IN OTHER RESTAURANTS AND AMAZING DESSERTS. One of the best looking food that they made was the big sphagetti meatball which had the sphagetti inside a huge meatball. One of the recipes I tried was the In and Out animal styled grilled cheese sandwich. Animal style fries with grilled cheese. We don’t have In and Out burger in our country so I made that for breakfast so that my family can see why is it popular.

FEAST OF FICTION: These 2 people, one named Ashley who is in another cooking channel by her self and something Wong  (I’m sorry if you see this cause I’m like a huge fan of what you do) who is a gamer. These 2 met in Ashley cooking channel and decided to combine fiction and cooking together by making food from the fictional world which is GAMES,MOVIES and TV SHOWS. I tried their recipe for potato and molasses from Over the garden wall. They even made food with popsugar. If they don’t have the food you want, just ask for it in the comment section below. The recipes in recent videos can be found in the area where you tap to see the date for when it was released.

Sorted food. These British cooks with amazing dishes  and food fights makes it fund to subscribe to.

Gordon Ramsey’s. Yes he has his own channel and his idea for bacon looks delicious as you put in a pan 1 table spoon of black sugar, a pinch of salt. On spritz of pepper and butter and bacon.

Hope you enjoy cooking amazing things for your family. By the way parents:  if your kids want to try things but they are hard to fine or they  want food that they don’t sell (sometimes) where you are then use these 2 channels.


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