This post is long warning.

I went on a trip to Korea but my parents lied in the Incheon airport that we’re going to LOS ANGELES,ARIZONA AND DIRTY NEVADA OR LAS VEGAS OR SINC CITY. Here is the trip foods and random bits.

In Korean airport next to gate 10 we ate in Koreans version of McDonald’s I guess ? I think this was limited time but my family shared a deep fried mozzarella burger with spicy sauce,olives,has brown and that fried mozzarella, And since my wordpress is crashing when I’m trying to get that picture you will have to imagine the foods in this post like YELP.

In LA we went to Inand out which we don’t have yet in the Philippines. And we had animal style burger and animal style fries. Then some hours later we had groms gelato which is fake since gelato must not stick out of the tray. Also to tell if it’s not really good gelato the next time there should be no ice around it, no ice cream statue out side. And Banana flavors must be gray. Then we tried Starbucks there which has more drinks like smoothies and limited a waffle cone frappe. In ours we have coffe jelly in our menu. That’s the one that Philippines only have I think. Then we went to a market place. I think it was called farmers market. It was next to a bookstore and cbs building and supply for the houses as well furniture. There was an New Orleans booth or kinda a restaurant. We had alligator.oyster and a FRICKING BIG ! CHICKEN SALAD. Also Gumbo. I don’t remember what regular gumbo has in it I know some ingredients in it are White Rice,Shrimp!veggies and Tomato paste like what we had but two more stuff. At the holly wood orchid suites which is near the China theater which is behind the mall next to it. There like a path way to the back that’s open to the public there. Our hotel was also an apartment before. There in FREE ! Breakfast was veggie mite which is wheat spread. It was. Salty though. Then pinks hot dog and I got lord of the rings dog which was epic. But get the old chili dog that started the BUISNESS. Then universal with luigis pizza and butter beer. There heading to one of the par kings was like this area filled with food and clothes. There I went indoor flying and Ben and Jerrys which is rare in our country like Lucky charms. Good things I know a place that has it which I will not tell,

LAS VEGAS HAD ton’s of naked woman and hot guys for the lady’s which I shook and felt sad for me and the children there. We stayed in the signature hotel, tower 3 room 2801 so people who love my blog can stay in the room I stayed in. We saw David copper field in MGM which is connected and made our hotels. There we met blue a bad alien who swears. A duck named Webster and DESSIRE. I think that trick is limited time so stay there. I had jack in the box which we don’t have in my country to. We had it when we were  on a tour guide with a couple John and abelle, I think that was her name. A mom and daughter who were British like the couple and an extreme bad ass blonde Australian girl named Katy or Katie. If you see this pots I’m that hyper extreme child on the grand canyons. And our guide Luis. On the way I tried hostess donettes. On the way we saw the Hoover dam I think. There we passed a few minutes in time since the time zones. We saw peach spring or Route 66 if you saw cars that’s the town and some of the cars are the cars that inspired CARS 1 and 2. Also we saw a dead man who leg snapped. I’m sorry for the family members. We tried Panda Express which we also don’t have and Gordon Ramsey’s burgerz. Im gonna try posting the pics.I had the classic American burger and the best strawberry shake ever. Also there was truffle fries I think it was called and my mom and sister had the truffle burger and I forgot dads. And no still won’t let me post pictures. The most funny thing I saw there in Las Vegas had to be HOOTERS hotel which I think we don’t have either. Let me guess, most of the staff have big BOOBS. Yeah I typed it. And last we ate in a Korean bbq place. I forgot the name but one things I remember a bout it. It had rice ball with ice cream and in entrance had red and green juices. Also you get aprons for napkins.

We head back to the golden state or California and what Disney said in Inside out its the worst place ever. Sanfransico which had tons of Filipino food restaurants and lovers. We went to Yosemite with my uncle ron, tita Sonja and aunty Mabel and her sister aunty grace as we lived in a creepy town which could have the blare witch could have been filmed in. I climbed the most misty,rainy and tons of hills Path to vernal falls. I took misty path and RIP the people who went to Nevada falls. There I even saw snow and hail for the first time since we live in a tropical country which only has to seasons. RAINY AND SUNNY ! Our summer in April and May for now. By the way today is the last day of summer for me. June 7 even though our government said school shall only start after June 13. In Australia now probably June 8 and America June 6. Then we went to stay in aunty Mabel’s house there next to it was a special food truck fest and people went crazy for sisig. There was a huge line for that truck. I tried the others so we don’t have to wait. I tried rice rocket and I had basicly better Salisbury steak which is just a burger and gravy kinda like jollibe, but with egg and spring onion, Also rice. There I even tried a rice burger which is popular in Korea and Japan I guess. It’s rice that mold and fried in a pan to make the buns and it even had beef. Later me and aunty Mabel who were similar in fun. Freeze dried bananas the morning for my breakfast blended it with freeze dried blue berries and I had vegan ice cream. Some days later I ate in super duper which is more healthy and better than five guys. And of course my ever loving strawberry shake. And cakeo  cupcake, Jamba Juice. Second best Chinese restauruant. A barbecue from meat from COSTCO atzecali next to aunty grace house and it’s just 20 steps away. The owners they live there kinda like mamalous. And had whole foods onigiri and apple pie. even though whole foods is evil since South Park said so. And that was my whole trip in America. Also buttermilk fired chicken in mc Donald’s,


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