Why am I late in blogging

I don’t post a lot and keep promises I made before lately since I have Been playing the most amazing game I have ever played. LOVELIVE school idol festival. Based on the Weiss shwarz cards and anime this games shows what’s it’s like being a school idol. This is only in Japan in Korea i think ? A school idol is a famous person or group who is in school and is fanned by teens or kids and some adults around the world. The show is on its third season with a new cast in Uranoshi girls high Which is REAL in a part of Japan which I forgot but it’s near the ocean and as it sub units CYARON,GUILTY KISS and AZELA releases its first album except guilt kiss but it’s been leaked so yay !. The characters in the third season are CHIKA who is the youngest of 3 sister loves the 1st and second season of love live muse (the name comes from the gods of music) who were even in LOVELIVE the school idol movie. Her family owns a bath house or like a little hotel i think and has a good bath view of the ocean. By that the bath area is near the ocean in a balcony and has a good view. Reiko class mates with CHIKA a former student of otonikaza high in Akiba or muse school is in. she loves art,studying and piano. You ( y-ugh but pronounce to sound like o) is classmates of CHIKA and those 3 are second years by the way, she like sports, hate sashimi or anything dry. And wants to be a captain like her dad. 1st years. RUBY who is shy and likes making clothes and part of a rich family and loves spending with her sister DIA and friend Hanamaru. Hanamaru loves readin and has good grades but the rest she says she is lazy. Yoshiko like video games and the style of the devil and is cursed with extreme bad lucky where ever she goes like the girl in another anime called haifuri. 3rd years. KANAN an old friends and like a baby sitter to CHIKA who lives in a nearby Island (which is connected by a bridge I think) with her grandpa and in a fixing store. Mari who is Italian and works at hotels by her patents. DIA sister of ruby who likes being perfect since her name is based on DIAMOND. THESE ARE FACTS I KNOW AND TO KNOW MORE WATCH THE SHOW FIRST 2 seasons with muse. The game. The third season preming June 16 or 17 where I come from and the albums Aswell  the subunits of the 2 groups. Muse contains and I will not tell details about. HONOKA,KOTORI,UMI,HANAYO,RIN,MAKI,NICO,ELI,NOZOMI.


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