The Bible is a Book about God and other Stories. How ever the book is really long when reading, but more long when making depending how its being made. How the bible was made can help you understand and like it more. The bible was made from 4 Men. Later in Germany (I think) a Man Named GUTENBERG. Yes his last name was that. Made the printing press and made the new Bible. It was divided by the OLD TESTAMENT and THE NEW.

Then people started to print or write even draw pictures and the writing from the bible and now the millenial days people print them but some still do the Old Fashion way ! Now you probably had Questions  about how it was made and how they git this information. Like me my question was who made or got the Information.

I wish the Bible could be read more and the youth could read it to. Not the whole book you get me. Let the bible continue being made for ever. GOD thank you for showing the miracles of you and your son. I will continue oh my god to do all my actions for the love of you AMEN.


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