What the bible is and is about

The bible is a collection of books written by many people, (is like a library jammed in one book!) in different locations over a long period of time. The bible is holy because it was inspired by God. Without divine inspiration the bible would not exist and not make sense today. The bible tells the story of creation and God’s covenant with his chosen people. The bible tells about how men disobeyed God many times but God forgave them and sent Jesus to once and for all time reconcile people with God. 

One day I would like to learn more about the bible so I can know more about God and have the right relationship with Him. The bible will teach me how to live in a way that pleases God. It will also help me have good relationships with other people 

Heavenly Father, your word in the Bible is amazing and complete. I’m sorry if I haven’t studies it well enough and take it for granted. Thank you for giving us the bible so we could know more how much you love us. Please teach me to appreciate and love your word. Amen.


Everything we know about God comes from God. Our human minds are finite and if God did not reveal Himself in a way that we can understand Him, we would never know Him, because He is infinite. But God loves us, and wants to have a relationship with us so He initiated revelation.
God revealed Himself in many ways. First, creation tells us of a creator that made a world that is orderly, teeming with life and abundant in beauty. Creation tells us that God is the sustainer of life as well and also controls the heavenly bodies. God also reveals Himself to us by making men and women in his image. We have a sense of what is right or wrong and in all human cultures everywhere, and throughout history as well, people have a sense of the divine, or something bigger and outside of themselves and that is God. Specifically, God revealed to us how we can be saved from our fallen human nature and the death penalty of our sinfulness so that we can spend eternity with Him (remember, God loves us so much and He wants to be with us forever in heaven.) This revelation is Jesus Christ, who God sent to reconcile us with Him. We have the bible as well, where we can read about how God revealed Himself through His prophets and through the apostles. The bible gives us an in depth knowlege of God and how He wants us to worship Him and relate with Him and each other. More importantle, God gave us the Holy Spirit, who teaches us about God in a personal way.
Because God revealed Himself to us, our natural response is to have faith in Him. Having faith in Him means that we give Him our love and worship. It also means we follow His commandments. Finally, having faith means we love Jesus, care for others, and respect God’s creation.

Heavenly Father, how amazing is your revelation.. There is no other like you. Thank you for revealing yourself and wanting to be with us. Thank you for forgiving our sins. Thank you for always being with us. I’m sorry if I’m not always obedient. I pray that you would give me the grace to obey you and know your will for me. Amen.